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For MacOS X "KisMAC - passive Stumbler"
indir.biz Editor: An open-source and free KisMAC Stumbler / Mac OS X for those over MacStumbler / iStumbler / NetStumbler this mode and passive scanning has the advantage that monitor browser application.

Few third-party KisMAC PCMCIA cards: Orinoco, PrismII, Cisco Aironet, Atheros and PrismGT support. Intersil Prism2, and RT73 Ralink rt2570 and rtl8187 Realtek chipsets with USB devices is still there for full support. All the internal AirPort hardware is supported for scanning.


* Reveals hidden / covered / closed SSIDs
* Customer MAC addresses, IP (addresses and session shows strong signal)
* Mapping and GPS support
* Network coverage maps I draw
* PCAP import and export
* Support encrypted network against 802.11b / g
* Different attacks
* Deauthentication attacks
* AppleScript-able
Kismet drone download now you can make free KisMAC R319 * Kismet drone support (Czech).

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